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Kurslar Standard haftalık 20 saat, yoğun kurs haftada 30 saat, TEOFL /TOEIC / IELTS Hazırlık Kursları, Cambridge Sınav Kursları, Üniversite Hazırlık Kursları olarak düzenlenmiştir.

Ayrıca bir kişilik özel kurslar, iş adamlarına yönelik Executive kurslarda mevcuttur.

Türk öğrenciler için 4-23 hafta arası seçenekler için indirimli fiyat tablosu


LSI School

Standard 20 Saat/Haftalık

Yoğunlaştırılmış 30 saat/hafta
Brisbane   280 AU$

İngilizce Dil Kursu Programları 

Standard 20
A course with 20 lessons per week, covering all aspects of the language from pronunciation to grammar and vocabulary to practice in the four skills.

Intensive 30
Suitable for students who wish to study intensively and get a well rounded insight into the language and country. Students follow a Standard 20 course in the morning, then intensify and consolidate the tuition in the afternoon classes.

Plus Courses
One-to-One classes tailored to your needs, designed to supplement group courses.

Modular Business Course
An afternoon option on the English language LSI Intensive 30 course, covering topics such as Banking and Stock Markets, Marketing and Advertising, Recruitment, Sales and Negotiating.

English for Non-native Teachers of English
A thorough study of all areas of language teaching including a grammar review. This is an afternoon option for those studying an English Language LSI Intensive 30 course.

ESL Teacher Training–CELTA Exam Course
Language Studies International Toronto is a newly approved Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) training facility in Canada. If you’re a native English speaker interested in teaching English as a second language then this is the course for you! LSI’s CELTA courses, offered on a part-time basis, give individuals the flexibility to become qualified or change careers without having to give up an existing income, although a definite commitment must be made to complete the assignments and reading. Spending ten weeks with the material and tutors will also allow participants to fully absorb and practice all that the teacher training course offers.
Please contact LSI Toronto for more details about this course.

International School Year Intensive 30
30 lessons per week
International School Year Standard 20
20 lessons per week
An excellent opportunity to learn a new language, immerse yourself in a new culture and make friends from all over the world.

Study and Work Programme
For the first 4 weeks you study an LSI Intensive 30 course to increase your fluency and build confidence with the language. We then place you in a work experience position closely related to your career interests or educational background, allowing you to gain the skills and confidence to pursue your chosen career.

LSI 30 Cambridge Examination Courses
(30 lessons per week)
LSI 20 Cambridge Examination Courses
(20 lessons per week)
The Cambridge Examinations in English are recognised and highly regarded by English speaking universities and companies. At LSI we offer tailored courses to prepare for these examinations.
-First Certificate in English (FCE)
-Certificate of Advanced (CAE)

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) Preparation
TOEFL is required by non-native speakers of English for admission to universities in the USA and Canada. Preparation for this test at LSI is an afternoon option on the LSI Intensive 30 course.

TOEIC Preparation
This test is accepted by thousands of companies as evidence of proficiency in English in a business situation. Preparation for this exam is an afternoon option on the LSI Intensive 30 course.

Executive Courses

Individual tuition tailored to your needs. We offer 20, 30, 40 or 50 lessons per week.
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